Teritip Crocodile Farm

crocodile hand and fingers
crocodile fingers


Teritip crocodile farm is situated at Mulawarman No. 66, Village Barnacles, Balikpapan District of East or around the coordinates -1.169732, 117.005191. This farm location is quite far from the downtown of Balikpapan, even it is close to the border Kutai or about 28 kilometers from downtown of Balikpapan. The entrance fee is 10,000 per person, while opening hours are 8:00 to 17:00 o’clock pm every day.

Getting There

Unfortunately it is quite difficult to get Teritip using public transportation. We should rent a motorcycle or a car in Balikpapan, due to its quite far location from the downtown. Visitors can also buy some crocodile merchandise in Teritip. They also provides culinary menu made from crocodile’s meat.

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