Stone Mountain, The Supermassive Granite Mountain

Stone mountain skyride machine
Stone mountain skyride machine


Stone Mountain skyride is owned by Stone Mountain Memorial Association. The tramway was designed and constructed by Von Roll Tramways Inc., Watertown, New York. The architect of this cable car is Diedrich Architects, Atlanta. Meanwhile, the engineers and project manager are conducted by Heery International, Atlanta.

Skyride in numbers:

Years of commissioning: 1996

Length of travel: 2,385 feet

Upper terminal elevation: 1,672 feet

Lower terminal elevation: 956 feet

Longest span: 1,806 feet

Cabin capacity: 80+1 persons

Cabin payloads: 13,770lbs

Maximum height above the ground: 420 feet

Maximum slope: 60%

Number of towers: 1

Maximum speed: 1,378 feet/minute

Track rope diameter: 1.93 Inch

Track rope breaking strength: 288 tons

Number of track ropes: 4 (2 per track)

Upper haul rope diameter: 1.34 inch

Upper haul rope breaking strength: 95tons

Lower haul rope diameter: 1.42 inch

Lower haul rope breaking strength: 104tons

Haul rope counterweight: 29tons

DC electric motor: 500 horse power

Auxiliary diesel engine: 160 horse power

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