Stone Mountain, The Supermassive Granite Mountain

Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is a name of a mountain and a city in DeCalb county in Georgia, USA. It is one of the world’s largest exposed granite monolith. It has the largest bas-relief in the world, called Confederate Memorial Carving, as well. The area covers 3,200 acres (or about 3.6km2) of land, or about 2 miles length (3218m) and 0.5 mile wide (805m). It could be even larger if we measure the mountain’s underground area. The elevation of the mountain is about 1,683 feet (512 m) above mean sea level or 786 feet (240 m) above the surrounding area.

Stone Mountain
On the way to the stone

Before reaching the gigantic stone, we will pass old style houses along the way to the mountain. These houses sell food, souvenirs, and stuffs. There are several souvenir pennies machine that could turn your 51 cents into your own Stone Mountain pennies. If you mind to bring a lot of stuff while enjoying the mountain with you, just store your stuffs by renting a locker. Yes, there is a locker room in Stone Mountain complex. The locker fee is US$1 and the oversized locker fee is US$1.75.

From the top of the mountain, we can see beautiful Atlanta’s skyline/skyscrapers. It needs more than 20x zoom camera to take the skyline photo. And clear blue sky for sure.

Atlanta midtown's skyline as seen from Stone Mountain
Atlanta midtown’s skyline as seen from Stone Mountain. (This picture was taken using 20x zoom camera when the air is so misty. The result might be better using more zoom under clear blue sky)


This park opens every year. But, make sure that there are attractions that only open during winter (see festivals below), some open during summer, and some open during the year (check the official website for the schedule).

Skyride. This cable car is the main attraction of the Stone Mountain. We can see the huge bas-relief of Confederate Memorial Carving from closer range. We can also see beautiful Georgia from the summit of the mountain. The skyride operation hour is from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Scenic Railroad. Board a train with a full size locomotive from the 1940s with open-air cars that will take you on a lively five-mile excursion around the mountain. Trip lasts 25-30 minutes and departs every 40-45 minutes. Go to the Marketplace Train Depot in Crossroads to ride the train.

The Great Locomotive Chase Adventure minigolf. The golf course is built based on the real-life adventures of the Great Locomotive Chase. Taking on the perspective of the train’s original crew, you’ll make your way through 18 holes in hot pursuit of the stolen General locomotive.

Other attraction. The other attractions include 4D cinema, Memorial Hall Museum, Antebellum plantation&farmyard, skyhike, camp highland outpost, ride the ducks, geyser towers, little angels, etc.

There is a scheduled laser shows at night (usually on Saturday night or other specific dates) in front of the stone bas-relief.

Stone Mountain's Skyride
Stone Mountain’s Skyride


Winter: Snow Mountain and Stone Mountain Christmast

Spring: Spring Fun Break and Easter Sunrise Service

Summer: Memorial Day Weekend, Summer at The Rock, Labor Day Weekend. Don’t miss the magnificent 4th of July fireworks during Fantastic Fourth Celebration Festival.

Fall. Yellow Daisy Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Country Living Fair, Indian Festival and Pow-pow

View from the summit of the Stone Mountain
An amazing view from the top of the Stone Mountain

Snow Mountain

When the winter comes, this park turns into artificial snowy park called Snow Mountain. During winter, they inslall new attractions called Tube Runners and Avalanche Alley. Tube Runners is a snow adventure where visitors could slide down on fresh snow using a sliding tube. Avalanche Alley is snow tubing like Tube Runners for a group visitors, or more like sliding raft on snow. There is also Snow Zone installed in front of the Confederate Memorial Carving if you want to build a snow man. The Snow Mountain Festival open hour is from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

Tube runners at Snow Mountain
Tube runners at Snow Mountain

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