Spiderweb Ricefield in Cancar, Flores

spiderweb rice field crop circle
a bit closer to the spiderweb rice field

There was no hotel or tourist facilities around Cancar. Nevertheless, there are some villages if you want to stay and blend with the locals. We decided to stay in Ruteng due to our limited time and better facilities in Ruteng.

Accommodation in Ruteng

At that time, because it was night when we arrived in Ruteng, we were escorted by a driver to a small lodging owned by Om Sius Efata (+6282 145 405 487). This lodging looks like a boarding house than a hotel. However, this lodging is very clean, comfortable, and easy to reach. There are many lodging in Ruteng similar to that lodging owned by Om Sius. However, there is no information like this on internet. If you want to find this kind of lodging, just go show and asked the people around / driver in Ruteng. Hotel rates in Ruteng is about Rp80.000-300.000/room/night.

List of some  fairly well-known hotels in Ruteng:

Rima (Gen. JL A Yani, No. 14, Tents, Langke Rembong, Ruteng. Phone number +62 385-22196)

Hotel Dahlia (Jl. Bhayangkara, No. 18, Mbaumuku, Langke Rembong, Ruteng. Phone Number +62 385-21377)

Hotel Sindha (Jl. Yos Sudarso no.26, Ruteng. Phone Number +62 385-21197)

Susteran Maria Berduka Cita (Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 45 Ruteng. The phone number +62385-22834, +6281 393 763 129)
Hotel Maryo (Jl. Poco Komba, Kampung Leda, Ruteng. Phone number+62 81 353 069 572)
Hotel Bunga (Jl Merak Nekang, Ruteng. Telephone number (+62 81 237 713 074).

Rent a motorcycle in Ruteng:
We got our rented motorcycle from Rima Hotel Ruteng (JL A Yani, No. 14, Tents, Langke Rembong, Ruteng. Phone Number +62 385-22196). Motorcycle rental rates in Rima Hotel is Rp150,000/day.

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How To Get Ruteng

Ruteng can be reached from Labuan Bajo, Ende, or Maumere. There is only few public transport to Ruteng. One of the famous agent, often used by tourists, and is the most recommended one is Gunung Mas Travel Agent. This agent uses minibus to take us up to the destination.

Rates of Gunung Mas travel with Ende – Ruteng destination: Rp130.000 (scheduled departure at 07.00 and 11.00 am)

Rates of Gunung Mas travel with Labuan Bajo – Ruteng destination: Rp85.000 (scheduled departure time 07:00, 09:00, 13:00, 15:00)

Address and telephone number of Gunung Mas Travel Agent:

Ruteng: Jl. Adisucipto 5F (in front of Hotel Manggarai). Telephone number: +62 385-21407, +62 81 339 380 830, +6281 339 150 257

Ende: Jl. Flores (in front of Telkom). Telephone number: +62 85239339933

Labuan Bajo: Jl. Dr Soetomo (In front of SMAK Loyola). Telephone number: +62 385-41899, +62 85 239 322 000

Maumere: Jl. Gajah Mada No. 56 (in front of Hotel Winirai). Telephone number: +62 382-23557, +62 85 239 998 999, +62 8123795666