Spiderweb Ricefield in Cancar, Flores

Cancar Spider Web Rice Field Location

The spider web ricefield is located at Cancar, District of Ruteng, Manggarai regency, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. While the exact location to see the rice fields from upper the hill is around coordinates -8.584938, 120.376972.

Spider Ricefield Map
Spider Rice field Map

How to Get There

Ruteng is a starting point of our trip. It is because the town has several lodging/hotels, restaurants, and motorbike/car rental. At that time, I used a rented motorbike from the hotel to go to Cancar within 17.2 kilometers from Ruteng. Then, we stopped at a small hill and did little hike a few hundred meters to see the rice terraces from above. We can also use a motorcycle taxi for Rp 40,000 from Ruteng. Cancar is located about 45-60 minutes away from Ruteng.

The road to Cancar is quite winding uphill and downhill in some sections. If you are driving a car or motorcycle, make sure you have a enough experience in driving. This trip is not recommended for beginner driver since Flores land contour makes it has too much slope/steep bend road.

 spiderweb rice field map
Route to spiderweb rice field (powered by Google)

Route to Cancar:

Ruteng – Jalan Komodo – SPBU Mena Gas Station – Gereja Santa Maria Immacula Church- Kantor Pos Cancar Post Office – Cancar Spiderweb Rice Field

After reaching the location, there is no sign directing us to the hill. The nearest location to reach the hill is near the building as below. From this point, we continued to go up the hill a few hundred meters away. If you still do not find it, ask the local people, that’s the easiest way to find the direction. If you use Google Maps/GPS, make sure you go to the coordinates of -8.584938, 120.376972.

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Spiderweb rice field
There is no board. If you find this building, then you’ve already found the right path

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