Bunaken, Underwater Paradise in The Tip of Sulawesi Island

Terumbu karang Bunaken
Terumbu karang Bunaken

Bunaken Location
Bunaken National Park is located in Manado, North Sulawesi or around the coordinates of 1.661861, 124.751355. This national park can be reached by a speed boat about 30 minutes from the city port of Manado. What makes me wonder is, even though it is very close to the city of Manado, but the underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park still looks so natural and unspoiled. And hopefully it will stay like this forever.

How to Get There
Manado Spearfishing could help you to hold a trip to Bunaken. They are experienced freedivers/spearos. One of Manado Spearfishing member is Fatir (phone: +62 eight five two four zero nine six one nine eight five) or (phone: +62 eight seven eight four six six five one one six five). He can guide you to Bunaken.

Best Time to Visit Bunaken

The best months to visit Bunaken is around the month of April to October where in these months, the sea level is rather free from west monsoon season. During west monsoon season, there are usually storms and unstable waves that make it difficult to enjoy Bunaken’s underwater, besides of course reduces the visibility of the water.

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