The Sweet and Sour Selat Solo

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Selat Solo

Indonesian Cuisine. For those who have never heard about authentic Indonesian cuisine called Selat Solo, it might sound strange to hear that Javanese food. We may be misheard something like salad” or selai/jam” because both name are more familiar as the name of the food. Or there’s a “selat”or strait in Solo City (or sometime called Surakarta City). This seems impossible since Solo is a landlocked city.

Selat Solo is a kind of sweet and sour soup originally from Solo City. It’s main ingredients are sweetened stewed steak/”gelantin or ground beef” and sweetened eggs. As a complementary, there are boiled beanscarrots, potatoes, fresh lettuce, and pickled cucumber. The sauce itself is usually made from a mixture of mustard/mayonnaise, vinegar, boiled egg yolk paste, salt, and sugar. This sauce makes Selat Solo tastes unique yet delicious.

Warung Selat Mbak Lies Restaurant

In Solo City, the most famous restaurant serving Selat Solo as the main course isWarung Selat Solo Mbak Lies”. Nevertheless, there are actually a lot of restaurants that have Selat Solo menu as delicious as “Warung Selat Solo Mbak Lies”, such as Warung Selat Viens, Kusuma Sari reastaurant, and so on. In other cities, it is a little bit hard to find a restaurant that serves Selat Solo. It is usually sold in Javanese/Solonese Restaurant. In Jakarta and surrounding areas, restaurants that Selat Solo include Dapur Solo Ny. Swan, Eat and Eat Gandaria City, Kusuma Sari, and some other Javanese restaurant.

Believe it or not, it costs only less than US$2 in Solo City. But, in other cities might cost more expensive  for a plate of Selat Solo.

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