The Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam


Red Sand Dunes Desert, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam. There is a free attraction in Mui Ne and as such worth a visit. It is amazing view and worth a few photos. This place might be the great place for children/family trip because they will surely enjoy the thrills of sliding down from the sand dunes. This beautiful tourist spot is called The Red Sand Dunes or Doi Cat/Doi Hong in Vietnamese.

This desert-like features reddish-brown sand makes The Red Sand Dunes become a popular place for photography. The Red Sand Dunes is also a great spot for either the sunrise or sunset hunting. The view is breathtaking! You could barely see the sunrise over the ocean fro the top of the dunes. If you ride jeep, you need to depart from your hotel at 5 a.m. to catch sunrise  or 2 p.m. to catch the sunset.

Sunrise over Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Sunrise over Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Don’t be surprised or get offended when local kids swarm you to rent their plastic sleds. If sliding down sand dunes on a board is your thing, just enjoy it. If you are traveling with children, i guess it’s a good idea to rent those plastic sleds because they will enjoy them. But, make sure if you want to rent plastic sleds, check the price and agree on it beforehand.

If you want to try local cuisine, there are some people sell authentic Mui Ne food for breakfast on the dunes. It is worth for the price,  but make sure you have to get used to eat Southeast Asian food. It’s a bit sour and the condiment is really hot.

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Mui Ne vietnam authentic breakfast in Red Sand Dunes
Local authentic breakfast in Red Sand Dunes

How to get there

You can ride a motorcycle or just rent a jeep from your hotel/home stay. Red sand dunes is located just besides the roadside. The Red Sand Dunes distance is not too far from the city center. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center/Phan Thiet.