Mawun Beach, The Most Beautiful Beach in Lombok They Said

Mawun Beach Location
Mawun Beach is located in Tumpak Village, Central Lombok, or more precisely in the coordinates -8.900550, 116.206929. Due to the lack of infrastructure built in Mawun Beach, the tourists usually stay in Kuta Beach, Lombok (Distinguish between Kuta Lombok and Kuta Bali, because both share the same name) as a starting point for trips because in Kuta Beach Lombok has a wide range of tourist facilities such as hotels (from budget to luxury), restaurants, motorcycle rental, surf board rental, and so forth.

Mawun Beach Map
Mawun Beach Location

How to Get There

Getting to Mawun Beach from Kuta Lombok is a bit tough. But that’s the best way to get Mawun Beach so far. We need to cross uphill and downhill through the dirty road! If you ride a motorcycle, it is better to use it with a manual transmission. If you use automatic transmission motorcycle, it will be tiring and a bit hard to handle the brakes. Make sure you stay focus and be careful. Just enjoy the journey because there will be an incredible scenery and sometime we could see some traditional gold mining.

Don’t trust the travel time provided by Google Map. Due to the dirty and hilly road, you need 2-4 times longer than those on Google maps prediction. Buy gasoline when you see a local sells gasoline because there is less gasoline seller along the road. No gas station available!

Mawun Beach Map
Mawun Beach Map. The direction from Kuta Lombok (Novotel Lombok) and from airport (Bandara international Lombok)

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