Best Places to See Birmingham, Alabama Skyline

Birmingham Skyline

Like other metropolitan cities, Birmingham also has a view of beautiful skyscrapers and skyline. The question is: Where are the best places to see the skyline of Birmingham, Alabama? Here are the best spots to see the largest city in Alabama, USA: Birmingham.

1. Vulcan Park and Museum Observation Tower

You can see metropolitan Birmingham from Vulcan Statue observation tower. It costs only $6 to go up to the observation tower and get into the museum. This observation tower located on Red Mountain. Maybe this is the highest point where you can see Birmingham’s skyline wide open without any blockage. You have to drive about 2.5 miles from downtown. I guess there is no bus or other public transportation from downtown since i couldn’t find any bus/train to get there. I walked from downtown to Vulcan Park and Museum about 53 minutes and it’s worth it. There are so many spots that you can capture Birmingham skyline from above.

Birmingham Skyline from Vulcan Statue Observation Tower
Birmingham Skyline from Vulcan Statue Observation Tower

2. Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard South

This is a road before entering Vulcan Park and Museum. If you drive a car, you can park your car at Vulcan Park and Museum parking, Vulcan Park trail, or Five Points South. Than walk along Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard South to see beautiful Birmingham’s downtown skyline.

Birmingham Alabama Skyline
Birmingham Skyline from Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd South

3. Railroad Park

Downtown Birmingham also gives you a spot to capture the skyline. The skyscraper’s reflection from Railroad Park Lake and the train passing through are the best view while you are in Railroad Park. In addition, you can also see another view of Birmingham skyline from another side which is dominated with mid-rise buildings.

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Birmingham Skyline from Railroad park
Birmingham Skyline from Railroad park

4. Sloss Furnaces

Nice Birmingham skyline can also be seen in an area of Sloss Furnaces, 1st street avenue, Elton B Stephen Expy, and Red Mountain Expy. Avoid a time before sunrise because of the back light.

Birmingham Alabama Skyline from Sloss Furnace
Birmingham Skyline from Sloss Furnace

5. Between 14th Street South and 3rd Avenue South

This place also has a spot to see the downtown’s skyline, but it’s just average.

Birmingham Skyline
Birmingham Skyline from 14th Street