Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

6. Derawan Islands, Berau

Stingless Jellyfish in Kakaban Island
Stingless Jellyfish in Kakaban Island

Derawan Islands consist of three main islands: Derawan, Kakaban, Sangalaki, and Maratua. There are also less popular small islands around. This place is popular for Manta Ray, turtle, and stingless jelyfish hunting (though the coral reefs is also amazing with high marine biodiversity).  Not just best view of underwater life, Derawan Islands laso have beautiful beaches.

Location: Berau, Kalimantan Timur Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Kalimantan (Borneo)

Pros: best view of both the beach and underwater, less expensive, bunch of turtles, endemic stingless jelyfish, home for Manta Ray.

Cons: Little bit rainy since these islands are located almost close to equator line

How to Get There: get a flight from Jakarta/Surabaya to Tarakan/Berau. Take a tour that departs from Tarakan/Berau since it is too expensive to travel alone

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