Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

17. Belitung Island

Starfish in Belitung Island
Starfish in Belitung Island

Belitung is one of the most favorite tourist destination recently since the booming of movies that took location in here, such as Laskar Pelangi. The distinctive feature that other beaches don’t have is the gigantic stones spread everywhere in this island. They look like asteroids attack the island. Stunning!

Location: Belitung Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Sumatera

Pros: the most beautiful beach, gigantic stones are everywhere, relatively good access, relatively easy to get there, nice local people, direct flight from Jakarta

Cons: Not a main diving/snorkeling destination but still has beautiful coral reefs, less developed, little bit touristy, you have to rent a car/motorcycle to reach any beaches in Belitung.

How to Get There: Get a flight from Jakarta. Take a local taxi in Belitung to reach your hotel. Rent motorcycle/car to go to the beach. Rent a boat to go to Lengkuas Island and for islands hopping


I will make other posts related to beaches in Indonesia. Moreover, i will add more beach information in this category (beautiful underwater category) once i travel a new beach later.

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