Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

15. Liukang Loe and Kambing Island, Bulukumba

Liukang Loe Underwater
Liukang Loe Underwater

Kambing Island is popular for shark spotting while Liukang Loe is popular for snorkeling. These two island very close to Tanjung Bira Beach, one of the best beach in Indonesia. So, you will get two points when you travel here: the most beautiful beach and stunning underwater view.

Location: Bulukumba, Sulawesi Selatan Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Sulawesi

Pros: the most beautiful beach, shark, relatively good access, relatively easy to get there

Cons: less developed, relatively far from Jakarta (Indonesian Capital City) but there are many flights to Makassar, not informative, some local people will charge you higher (you have to bargain the price).

How to Get There: drive or rent a car (include the driver) from Makassar to Tanjung Bira. There is also bus/local transport from Makassar to Tanjung Bira, but some driver will charge you higher. I had a bad experience with this local driver. from Tanjung Bira, take a boat to island hopping.

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