Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

12. Kangean Islands, Jawa Timur

Anemonfish in Kangean
Anemonfish in Kangean

If you are “lonely planet” minded person, this is the best place to visit. When i was there, not even a single tourist come here due to the bad access. There are many islands around that have beautiful underwater view. Ask local for some help because this place is still underveloped and not really a tourist destination (at least until right now).

Location: Kangean, East Madura, Jawa Timur Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Jawa (Java)

Pros: Good place to be alone/secluded, see dolphins, good coral reefs

Cons: bad access, bad infrastructure, no diving facilities (meaning that you have to bring your own), you have to wear properly because this is a strict moslem area.

How to Get There: Take a bus from Surabaya to Sumenep Madura. Take alocal transport to Pelabuhan Kalianget. take a boat to Kangean. Take a local transport to Pelabuhan Kayu Aru. Rent local boat to island hopping. Travel with Indonesian/Kangean friend for communication purpose.

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