Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

11. Tanjung Putus, Pahawang, and other islands around, Lampung

Nemo in Tanjung Putus Island
Nemo in Tanjung Putus Island

Pahawang, Tanjung Putus, and Kelagian are coral islands in Lampung. One thing i love about these places is that we can see a lot of anemone fish even from few meters from the beach, especially in Tanjung Putus Island. There are also a lot of Kima (gigantic clam/Tridacna) around.

Location: Lampung Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Sumatra

Pros: very cheap, close to Jakarta (The capital city of Indonesia), a lot of Nemo (clown fish/anemone fish), less touristy

Cons: bad access, relatively bad infrastructure, jellyfish

How to Get There: Take a Damri bus from to Pelabuhan Bakauheni. Change a local transport to Terminal Rajabasa. Change a  local transport to Hanura. Change a  local transport to Ketapang. Not that easy? Just call a tour to Pahawang, Tanjung Putus, Kelagian

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