Best Beaches in Indonesia (Part 2) – Beautiful Underwater

Indonesian Underwater
Indonesian Underwater

This is a part of THE BEST BEACHES IN INDONESIA series. There is a list of beautiful whitest and soft sands beaches in Indonesia and a list of beautiful beaches in Lombok if you only visit Lombok Island/Bali Island. In this second part of articles related to the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, i will list beautiful beaches in Indonesia that have stunning underwater view for snorkeling/diving.

1. Raja Ampat Archipelago

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat (image from Wikipedia)

Raja Ampat is the largest marine national park in Indonesia. Raja Ampat also has highest marine biodiversity recorded on Earth.

Location: Sorong, West Papua Province, Indonesia

Main Island: Papua Island

Pros: one of the best diving spot in the world

Cons: Relatively expensive, less developed, far away from Jakarta (Indonesian Capital City), relatively not that good infrastructure

How to Get There: The closest city is Sorong. From this little town, there is a tour to Raja Ampat (fast and expensive) or go to Waisai from Sorong and then take a tour with local boat (less expensive)

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