First Time Skydiving


Cedartown, Georgia. How does it feels when you fall from a plane at an altitude of 14 thousand feet, or about 4.5 miles above the Earth’s surface with a speed of around 120mph or 193km/hours? Scary?

Tandem Skydiving

Skydiving or parachuting is one attraction that begins with a plane ride, dropped from a certain altitude, flying with the parachute, and end with a landing back to earth where we stand. For beginners, a tandem skydiving is the best option where our body is connected to a harness attached to a professional certified skydiver.

Flying with an Open and Small Aircraft

This must be the scariest part of skydiving. We board to a small plane with the width is only as wide as flapping hands, sitting in wooden seat without a seat belt, and flying with the airplane’s door open!

Ready to free fall

Free Fall

Free fall is the time where we get out of the plane then dropped down without a parachute. Fisrt time skydivers usually think presume that this is the scariest part. Just imagine that we fall out of the small plane at an altitude of 14 thousand feet at speeds 120mph without any equipment. It turns out not as scary as I imagined. This is because the earth seems still very far away while we are still flying in the air. During the free fall, the photographer/videographer would tell you to do as crazy as you want.

Free fall


At a certain altitude, the parachute will be opened so that it feels like our body is pulled by the strong force. At this part, we are falling slowly and enjoying the beautiful view from the top. Sometimes the instructor do maneuvers to the left and to the right. You could also ask the instructor to do a maneuvers by yourself.

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A moment before the parachute open

Terjun payung dengan parasut


At the end of skydiving, parachute bring us back slowly to the earth. This is the happiest part because you know you’re safe.

Skydiving Terjun Payung


The price is varied, from $120 – 300. It also depends on the altitude. There is additional charge if you want photographs or videos by professional photographers or by the instructor itself. Just prepare $70-150 for the videos/pictures.

See the video below if you want to see how fun the skydiving is.

Other Skydiving Pictures