Jakarta Skyline and Skyscrapers

Jakarta SKyline
Jakarta SKyline

Jakarta Indonesia Skyline

There is a hobby that I always do when visiting Special Capital Region of Jakarta (henceforth we call Jakarta). I used to do it in Jakarta as well when I was still living in the Greater Jakarta area. In my spare time, I used to go around Jakarta to hunt highrises and skyscrapers building pictures  and a row of highsrises and skyscrapers that make up the city skyline.

1. Beautiful Highrises and Skyscrapers

Jakarta has a large variety of beautiful high-rise buildings. Many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Jakarta have a unique and beautiful, such as Bakrie Tower which has facade like the scale of reptiles, UOB Tower that has asymmetric design, BNI 46 Tower (the tallest building in Indonesia today) that has sail-like crown, etc. Of course, when talking about skyscrapers, we can not forget the legendary that was built in Jakarta August 17, 1961 – Monas. Monas’ crown was made of gold.


Jakarta Skyscrapers
Jakarta highrises and skyscrapers

As if an open giant museum, the city has a collection of skyscrapers that will continue to grow. New buildings that are still in proposed or underconstruction are Jakarta Tower, Signature Tower, and the Tower Peruri 88 which are not only in the category of highrise building (the building with a height of 100-199m) or a skyscraper (200 -299m), but will be categorized as a supertall (above 300m)! Not to mention some of superblocks such as Ciputra World Jakarta, Thamrin City Superblock, East Superblock Sentra, and other superblocks. Wow … Can’t wait to see Jakarta in the future, right?

2. Wonderful Skyline

Well, a row of high-rise buildings in Jakarta if viewed from a distance will form a beautiful urban skyline. Jakarta looked so modern with its skylines, just like other metropolitan cities in developed countries have. Rows of tall buildings in the golden triangle area of ​​Sudirman-Thamrin-Kuningan for example, which form a very beautiful skyline.  May be it is the best skyline in Jakarta.

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Jakarta Skyline
Jakarta Skylines taken from Pasar Senen, Gelora Bung Karno, Semanggi, and Kuningan

When there are big events like New Year’s Eve, Jakarta skyline looks more beautiful. Try to go up to the building without an open roof in new year’s eve – only the sky above our heads and skyscrapers around us. This is where we will feel the spectacular Jakarta. We can see Jakarta’ skyline which is decorated with colorful and sparkling fireworks in a 360 ° point of view!

Jakarta view in New Year’s Eve

Use TransJakarta to get to the desired spot, such as in Grand Indonesia Mall, Plaza Semanggi, Bung Karno, and so forth. In fact, also we can also enjoy the beautiful buildings, highrises, skyscrapers and skyline Jakarta over the bridge of TransJakarta shelters. Only by paying for Rp3.500 TransJakarta bus ticket, we’ve been able to get around Jakarta and determine the exact location to capture the beauty of this skyscraper and skyline.  Enjoy Jakarta