Mount Bromo view from Penanjakan

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Bromo seems to be the dream destination of many people. It had long been my dream to go to Bromo, and finally came true in 2009. Three years later, in 2012, I returned here to accompany my friend to realize her dream of a trip to Bromo her in June 2012. Two months later, I returned to Bromo for the third time to accompany my friend to realize the dream of backpacker to Mount Bromo.

Brief Information


Alternative I: Your place – Surabaya City – Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo – Bromo

Alternative II: Your place – Malang City – Wonokitri/Tosari Pasuruan – Bromo

What to Bring:

Jacket, socks, eyeglasses, mask


– Go with a group of 5-7 people to save money

– Other nearest destination: Madakaripura Waterfalls, Sempu Island, Malang City, Batu highland

How to Get There

To reach Bromo, we have to go to Malang City or Surabaya City First to get some car rental. This car will carry us to the main entrance gate of Bromo. Then, we have to change our drive way to Bromo using 4WD car (jeep) one day tour.

Car Rental to Bromo

Malang City and Surabaya City are the most popular starting point to go to Bromo. From those cities, we cant rent a car to reach the main gate of Bromo. Car rental rates to Bromo from Surabaya/Malang are between Rp325.000-375 000/car/24 hours, including the driver, not including the gasoline. Here are car rental in Surabaya/Malang City

– Pink Rentcar – Surabaya City- Phone 031-710-377-06

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– SmS Rent Car – Surabaya City- Phone 0815-547-007-08.

– Mas Budi Rentcar – Malang City – Phone 0813-331-496-97

Main Entrance/Gate

Bromo can be reached through 4 main entrances:

1. Cemoro Lawang in Probolinggo,

2. Wonokitri in Pasuruan

3. Tosari in Pasuruan

4. Jemplang in Lumajang

From this main entrance, we can rent a 4WD jeep for one day tour with the costs of Rp350.000/jeep for 2 spots (Penanjakan + Mount Bromo crater), Rp500.000/jeep for 4 spots (Penanjakan Mount Bromo Crater+ Savanna+ Watu Singo), and also some other packages. This cost is including the driver and fuel. This 4WD capacity is up to 6-7 people.

Should We Rent a 4WD in Bromo?

From main gate to Mount Bromo, there might be a question: Should we rent 4WD car? Can we just walk or use our car from Malang/Surabaya? With rugged and steep terrain, I think it would be difficult or nearly impossible to use our car of heading from Cemoro Lawang / Tosari / Wonokitri to Mount Bromo. There are some people just use a motorcycle and finally I see they got a wobble. Somebody tried to walk away and finally gave up. I never think about walking or using motorcycle to reach Bromo from main entrance.

Bromo Jeep
Bromo 4WD car (jeep)

See Sunrise and Bromo View at Penanjakan

Mount Penanjakan is one spot in the Bromo where we can see the beautiful sunrise at dawn and see the beauty of Bromo mountain mountains from the top. I think this spot is the most beautiful spot in Bromo. The 4WD car/jeep will usually go take us to Mount Penanjakan from main entrance around 03.00. Penanjakan air temperature in the morning was very, very cold. We recommend using a heavy jacket, gloves, skullcaps, and socks to keep the body warm. You can also rent a jacket  in Penanjakan for about Rp10.000.

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Penanjakan Bromo sunrise
Sunrise view from Penanjakan, Bromo

The Crater of Mount Bromo

This spot is the Mount Bromo itself. From Penanjakan, our 4WD car will carry us to the desert. From this desert, we can walk or ride a horse to reach Bromo crater. On the way to the crater, we can also see the desert, Mount Batok and Hindu temple.
To go to this crater, we can walk or ride a horse with rental rates around Rp60.000/horse round. The stairs to the crater is now completely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Bromo in 2010/2011. In 2009, before the eruption, the stairs were still very good condition. As a result of this eruption, there is also dust around the crater. Therefore, we must bring a mask and eyeglasses to protect our breath and eyes.

Bromo Crater Caldera
Bromo Crater/Caldera

Mount Bromo Savanna a.k.a Teletubbies Hill

 This place is often referred to as the Teletubbies Hill because its shape is similar to the hill in Teletubbies. This is additional spot with additional cost that are explained before.

Bromo savanna
Bromo grassland or savanna

Watu Singo a.k.a Whispering Sands

Watu Singo is popular because of Indonesian movie with the title “Pasir Berbisik” (or Whispering Sands in English), took place here. Because of the movie, this place is also known as Pasir Berbisik (the Whispering Sands). Watu Singo means lion stone. There are some rocks that said to be the resemblance of the lions.

Watu Singo or “Whispering sands”

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