Argo Dwipangga Train Schedule (Solo – Jakarta)

Argo Dwipangga is a brand for excecutive class train from Jakarta to Solo City/Surakarta and vice versa. It starts from Solo Balapan Railstation and finish stop at Gambir Jakarta Railstation. You can also use this train to reach Jogja/Yogyakarta from Jakarta or vice versa. This train needs 7 – 8 hours to travel from both cities. Ticket price is in the range of Rp.260.000 – 335.000 (depends on low/peak season or weekdays/end).

Argo Dwipangga train schedules as of 31 Desember 2011:

Argo Dwipangga


Solo – Jakarta: Solo Balapan Railstation – Klaten Railstation – Tugu Jogja Railstation (near Malioboro Street) – Purwokerto Railstation – Cirebon Railstation – Jatinegara Jakarta Railstation – Gambir Jakarta Railstation (Jakarta city center)

Jakarta – Solo: Gambir Jakarta Railstation – Cirebon Railstation – Purwokerto Railstation – Tugu Jogja Railstation (near Malioboro Street) – Klaten Railstation – Solo Balapan Railstation

Solo – Jakarta
Jakarta – Solo
1. Solo Balapan Railstation 20.00 1. Gambir Jakarta Railstation 08.00
2. Klaten Railstation 20.27 2. Cirebon Railstation 10.44
3. Tugu Jogja Railstation 20.56 3. Purwokerto Railstation
4. Purwokerto Railstation 23.13 4. Tugu Jogja Railstation 15.22
5. Cirebon Railstation 01.46 5. Klaten Railstation 15.50
6. Jatinegara Jakarta Railstation 04.34 6. Solo Balapan Railstation 16.16
7. Gambir Jakarta Railstation 04.46

Other trains from Jakarta to Solo City or vice versa are Argo Lawu train (see the schedule here) and Senja Utama Solo train (see schedule here)

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