Timang Beach, Wonosari, Jogja

Timang Beach
Timang Beach

Among the white sand beaches in Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta (Jogja), perhaps Timang Beach is by far the most extreme. Not only are the extreme beach view, but also the route to reach the beach was not as easy as other beaches in the region. In my opinion, Timang beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Jogja.

TraditionalCable Car” to Find Lobsters

This “cable car” is used not for the purpose of having fun, but to make a living.  It is really scary anyway to reach the rock island using this “cable car”. But the local people do this everyday. Actually, for what is “wooden cable car” made for?

"wooden cable car" used to cross the sea

Lobsters. Yup… lobsters are the purpose of the ropes and “cable car” made for. Every morning, lobster poachers across to this separate small rock island on the other end to find the lobsters. There are two types of lobster are caught in this island, the red lobster and green lobster. Lobster is sold at a hefty price expensive. Green lobsters are more expensive and more difficult to obtain. Still, not worth the price of risking their lives to find a lobster with a cross over “cable car of the sea” at Timang Beach.

Lobster at Timang Beach
Lobster at Timang Beach

Making history of the “Wooden Cable Car”

The story of making of stripes is simple yet somewhat crazy. Local residents said, long time ago, there is the brave fishermen using simple boats depart from Siung Beach into this small rock island to stick the pole to tie the rope from the to the beach this rock island. But, the waves here are very high up to more than 10 meters. This is the highest waves I have ever seen. I’m still thinking how they could reach this rock island with those high waves on the sea. Are they didnt’ afraid the high waves slam the boat to the rock island reefs? But the fact it is, they managed to make a “cable car” in this way.

Pantai Timang
Straps that connects Timang Beach to the rock island over there

The Beautiful Quiet White Sand Beach

Timang Beach also has a very quiet and beautiful white sand beach. In fact, on Sunday that people usually spend their holiday to visit some tourist places, there is only me and two of my friends who visit this beach. It’s like a private beach. Fantastic…

Timang Beach
"Punk" coconut at Timang Beach

The white sands on Timang Beach, in my view, are whiter and cleaner than other Wonosari Beaches. Rock cliffs here are beautiful as well. When I came here, I see a unique phenomenon that the cloud shaped like a wolf head! Though the blue sky around it looks bright and clean. Amazing!

Timang Beach
Wolf-head-shaped cloud on Timang Beach

Kapasan Fruit

There are a lot this Kapasan fruit trees near to the beach. I had never seen this fruit before. They are red, oval shaped, and having leaves like sweet potato leaves. I’d try to find more information of this fruit on internet, but there is not much information about this fruit.

Kapasan Fruit
Kapasan Fruit

How to Get There

Although located only 2,5 hours from Jogja, Timang Beach is somewhat difficult to reach. In addition to the rugged road conditions have not been paved, there are also no signs at all to get to the beach! So we have ask to the locals frequently. Local residents said, if the weather is rainy, it’s better postponed a trip to this beach because the roads are very slippery and hilly. Maybe 1 or 2 years from now a better road will be built in Timang Beach.

Here is the route: Jogja – Kidz Fun – Wonosari – Tepus – Crossroad of Wonosari direction/wediombo Beach direction/Siung Beach direction – Timang Beach

Timang Beach itself is located in the west of Siung Beach. In the crossroad  between Wonosari direction – Wediombo Beach direction – Siung Beach direction, be prepared to ask the locals about the location of this Timang Beach because there is no sign to get there.

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