Pindul Cave Tubing

Goa Pindul
Pindul Cave Exit

Cave tubing, a term that has become a very popular talk lately in cyberspace. In Yogyakarta, there are two fairly well-known area for cave tubing activity, namely Goa and Goa Kalisuci Pindul. What is Cave Tubing exactly?

Cave Tubing

Cave tubing in Pindul Cave is a cave tour by riding tube floating down the cave. It is due to the deep of the cave floor which is covered by a river with a depth of 1 meter to 15 meters! So it is impossible for us to step on the cave floor, we must use the tube to float down this Pindul Cave.

Cave Tubing Gua Pindul
Cave Tubing: ride a tube down the river below the cave

There are two tour guides that accompany in the front and behind us for cave tubing. One of the guides tell the history of Goa Pindul, while the other one can help us to take the photographs.

Before the exit of the cave, there is a giant hole in the roof of the cave. Visitors can jump off a cliff into the river stream inside the cave.

Goa Pindul
Jumped into the river in Pindul Cave

After exiting the cave, visitors must climb a concrete wall from the bottom of the river to the road above the river just by using the ropes. It looks scary, but it doesn’t.

Goa Pindul
Using rope to go up

Pindul Cave

Inside the cave, there are stalactites, stalagmites, crystals, columns, and a giant gaping hole in the roof of the cave the end of the exit of the cave. Lots of bats hanging from the ceiling of this cave.

Gua Pindul
Stalactites and stalagmites in Pindul Cave

There are three zones in this cave, the light zone, forever dark zone and a half dark zone.

Gua Pindul
Gong Cave Entrance

The color of the water in the river inside Pindul Cave is always changing to adjust the season. When the dry season and no rain, river water color is green. Whereas in the rainy season, the color changed to brown river water due to soil sedimentation.

Depend on water conditions

There are two places in Jogja is famous for doing this cavetubing activity, namely Pindul Cave and Kalisuci Cave. Because of the rainy season, Kalisuci and Pindul Cave full enclosed with water, making it impossible for the activities of this cave tubing. Make sure calling the cave tubing operator first.

Goa Pindul
Mini Waterfall near the exit of Pindul Cave


Cavetubing site is located in the village of Goa Pindul Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (Jogja). The route are as follows:

Jogja – Highway Wonosari / Kids Fun – Piyungan – Bukit Patuk – hutan Bunder –  Gading Airport – red light Wonosari Playen and take the road straight (towards the city Wonosari) – Siyono Roundabout (road intersection which has a fountain in the middle) take the direction to left – Follow the wide asphalt road (there is a fork take the right turn) – straight to a red light – red light intersection straight – There’s a fork in the left there Bejiharjo village gate turn left – Follow the paved road continues up to a lot of sites inscribed Pindul Cave.

On the way to the village of Bejiharjo, many young men who sat in the fork in the road that offer to deliver to the location of Goa Pindul for free. I myself do not know if there is a free real or other purposes in the word “free” is. Clearly, we didn’t use their services.

Tour Package

In addition to Pindul Cave tubing, there are several other tour packages offered by the operator in the Village Bejiharjo, namely: Pindul Cave tubing, Oyo River Rafting, Gelatik Cave, Blangkon Crafts making, Mriwis Putih Lake, General Sudirman Monumen, Site Sokoliman ,and Banyumoto. Of course we have to spend an additional fee and time if we want to follow all the attractions.


I just use a cave tubing package in Pindul Cave for only Rp30.000 rate per person (includes lunch, all cave tubing equipment, and two tour guide). Equipment used includes tube, lifebelt, and rubber boots.

Contact Person

There are several operators who handle this Pindul Cave tubing. Select which one is suitable according to your preferences.

A. Subagyo (0812-279-230-07)

Facebook: Tourism Village Bejiharjo


2. Haris Purnawan (0859-596-565-61)



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