Sukuh Temple: Truncated Pyramid and Sex Symbol

Sukuh Temple
Sukuh Temple

Sukuh is a unique historical heritage, truncated pyramidal temple, “guarded” by the mysterious statues, and decorated with symbols of sexuality! Sukuh Temple opens from 07:00 until 17:00. I came to this temple around 15:00. Maybe because it came in the evening, I experienced a rare natural phenomenon here. Truncated Pyramid

Sukuh Temple’s shape is pyramidal, but truncated at the top. The pyramidal shape is very similar to the shape of pyramid in the Maya and Inca temple in Peru, South America. It also reminds us of the forms of pyramid in Egypt, although that is chipped at the top.

Visitors can go to the top of the temple. On top of this temple, there is such a place to put offerings, incense, and flowers for the ritual that I do not even know what ritual it is.

truncated pyramid Sukuh Temple
Truncated pyramid Sukuh Temple

Symbols of Sexuality

Sukuh and Cetho Temple (another temple located near Sukuh) are Hindu temples that has statues and reliefs depicting human sexual organs. Sex organs are called Lingga (symbolizing male genital) and yoni (symbolizing female genital). These symbols also have meanings of fertility.

Penis and Vagina Symbol Sukuh Temple
Penis and Vagina Symbol Sukuh Temple

The Mysterious Statues

Actually I wanted to learn the history depicted on the reliefs and statues in Sukuh Temple because my friend said that the reliefs of the temple can reveal the past event sequences. But my arrival was too late so there is no travel guide available telling the history depicted in the reliefs and sculptures in Sukuh Temple.

Garuda Statue Sukuh Temple
Garuda Statue Sukuh Temple

Dark Mist Attack

Sukuh Temple is located fairly high, even this Sukuh position parallel to the cloud (which we usually see in the sky above). By the time I come here, all of a sudden came a very dense cloud of mist. This mist blanketed the temple with a slow movement, controlled every inch of the temple area, and eventually make the surrounding  to become very dark.

There is a myth, if there is a mist that came later followed by rain in the area Sukuh Temple, then demand that we say / think at that time is usually granted by God. And by chance did the mist turned to rain and shortly thereafter changed the atmosphere becomes bright again.

Dark Mist at Candi Sukuh
Sudden dark mist at Candi Sukuh


Sukuh Temple is located in Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency, an hour trip from Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia. Visitors must reach Solo City first before going to Sukuh Temple. Solo City itself can be reached from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and other cities in Indonesia.

Solo Surakarta Map
How to reach Solo/Surakarta City from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Surabaya (click to enlarge)

How to Get There:

The route of the Sukuh Temple from Solo City is as follows: Solo eastwards – Bengawan Solo River Bridge – Highway Solo Tawangmangu – Karanganyar – Sukuh Temple – Tawangmangu

Well, before reaching Tawangmangu, there is a welcome gate to Sukuh / Cetho Temple on the left side of the road. Do not get too far into Tawangmangu, unless it is also one of your trip destination.

After entering the gate of welcome, just follow the paved road toward Sukuh Temple. Due to lack of signage, we have to ask the local people where Sukuh Temple is located. Normally, a trip to Sukuh Temple also continued to Cetho Temple, Jumog Waterfalls, and Tawangmangu that is located not so far from this Sukuh Temple.

So, do not miss to visit this Sukuh Temple if you’re Traveling to Solo City.

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