Solo or Surakarta City Travel Guides

Sukuh Temple Solo
Sukuh Temple

This time I’ll make a list of destination in the city of Solo (Includes surounding regencies: Sukoharjo, Boyolali, Surakarta / Solo, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sragen, Klaten or known by Subosukawonosraten) in order to use the time spending that we have very effective and efficient.

Solo City is also known as Surakarta. There are so many interesting destination around Solo. However, the limited time of course makes us only go to favorite tourist spots.

Planning a trip is sometimes tricky. It is may be because the lack of information and the limited time that we have. In other words, every traveling mission will always fall into one goal: how to reach all interesting places which are worth to visit with a very little time. Following are alternatives that we can do while staying in the city of Solo. Alternative sequence is based on my preferences, so please adjust them with your own preferences. Each alternative I’ve created is a one-way trip, so that your time is not wasted on the road.

Alternative One: South of Solo

Prambanan temple complex is a magnificent group of old temples. This temple can be reached from either of Yogyakarta and Solo. After a trip to Prambanan temple, the trip can be continued to the other temples such as Ratu Boko Temple or/and Sambisari Temple. Alternatively, after visiting Prambanan temple, we can turn to Pandawa Waterworld or Cokro Tulung. Pandawa Waterworld is an exotic Javanese theme waterpark with an artificial beach. While Cokro Tulung is a natural spring located in the district of Klaten.


1. Prambanan Temple + Ratu Boko Temple + Sambisari Temple

2. Prambanan temple + Pandawa Waterworld

3. Prambanan Temple + Cokro Tulung

Estimated time:

Solo – Prambanan = 1.5 hours

Prambanan – Ratu Boko Temple / Temple Sambisari = 30 Minutes

Prambanan – Cokro Tulung = 45 minutes

Prambanan – Pandawa Waterworld = 1.5 hours

Solo – Pandawa Waterworld = 30 Minutes

Total: 1 day

Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple
Pandawa Waterworld Solo
Pandawa Waterworld Solo

Alternative Two: Solo downtown

Sangiran Museum is a museum that must be visited because there are fossils of ancient humans and animals displayed in the museum. Sangiran also become the home of extinct early human of Java.

Moreover, other attractions like two royal palaces (Kasunanan Palace and Mangkunegaran Palace), batik museum, Laweyan Batik Center, Radya Pustaka museum, and other attractions in the city of Solo are popular tourism spots when tourists visiting the city of Solo.

Jurug Zoo is an alternative for animal lovers. At the zoo, there also lies a park to commemorate the legendary Gesang, the famous keroncong musician with his everlasting song called Bengawan Solo. You can also see the Bengawan Solo River flows near the zoo.

Balekambang Park is the garden of the former king that is now become a very public park in the city of Solo. Visitors can play with the deer freely in the park.

More Information of Sangiran Museum


A. Sagiran Prehistoric Museum + Kasunanan Palace + Mangkunegaran Palace Radya Pustaka Museum + Ngarsopuro Walking Street + Batik Museum +  Jurug  Zoo + Balekambang Park

Estimated Time:

Solo – Sangiran = 1 hour

Apart from Sangiran, other attractions in this alternative are located in the city of Solo

Total: 1 – 1.5 days

Sangiran Early Man Site
Early man fossils in Sangiran
Ngarsopuro Solo City
Ngarsopuro Walking Street, Solo City

Alternative Three: Eastern Solo

The eastern part of Solo or more precisely in the district of Karanganyar has the distinctive tourism as well; mountains, temples, and tombs of the legendary former Indonesia President, Soeharto and tombs of former royal kings. Tawangmangu / Grojogan Sewu is a waterfall tour, Cetho Sukuh and Temple are two of the temples with symbols of human genital organs, and Astana Giribangun is the tomb complex of the kings of past times and also the tomb of the Second President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soeharto (Pak Harto) and his wife Siti Hartinah (Ibu Tien).

More Information of Sukuh Temple


A. Sukuh Temple + Cetho Temple + Tawangmangu (Grojogan Sewu Waterfalls)

2. Sukuh Temple + Cetho Temple +Astana Giri Tombs Complex

Estimated Time:

Solo – Sukuh = 1 hour

Solo – Tawangmangu = 1 hour

Solo – Astana Giribangun = 1 hour

Sukuh – Temple Cetho – Astana Giri Bangun = 30 minutes

For the first option, it only takes approximately 1 day. If you want to visit all the tourist attractions in Eastern Solo / Karanganyar district aforesaid, at least it takes about 1.5 hours.

Grojogan Sewu Tawang Mangu Waterfalls Solo
Tawangmangu Waterfalls
Sukuh Temple Solo
Sukuh Temple

Alternatif Four: Southern Solo

Southern part of Solo or named Wonogiri has beautiful white sand beaches called Nampu Beach, Sembukan Beach, and Sadeng Beach. While Gajah Mungkur Reservoir dam itself is very well known dam in Wonogiri.


A. Nampu beach + Gajah Mungkur Reservoir Dam

2. Nampu beach + Sembukan Beach + Sadeng Beach

Estimated time:

Solo – Gajah Mungkur Reservoir = 1.5 hours

Solo –  Nampu / Sadeng / Sembukan Beaches = 3 hours

For the first option only takes approximately 1 day. If you want to visit all the tourist attractions in South Solo / Wonogiri mentioned above, at least it takes about 1.5 days.

Nampu Beach
Nampu Beach

Alternative Five: Mount Lawu

For those of you who like to climb a mountain, this alternative may be right choice for you because Mount Lawu is one of the highest mountain in Java (3,265 Meters). It needs extra energy to climb this mountain.


A. Lawu

Estimated Time:

2 days

Alternative Six: Western Solo

Adi Soemarmo airport located in the western part of the Solo or Boyolali. There is a location named Selo in Boyolali. Here is clearly visible summit of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. While, Pengging Wellspring is a natural spring that several natural bathing pools located.


A. Selo + Pengging Wellspring

Estimated time:

1 day

The seven alternatives: Pacitan Regency

Although located in East Java, Pacitan it easier to reach from the city of Solo.


A. Gong Cave + Klayar Beach

– Plus: TOP Destination

– Minus: Far, The road to the beach Klayar fairly narrow meandering up and down.

2. Second: Gong Cave + Tabuhan Cave + Ria Teleng Beach

– Plus: Amazing view at Goa Gong stalactites and stalagmites, surfing at Teleng Ria Beach, see gamelan music performance using the stalactites in the Tabuhan Cave. The trip is rather easy as well.

– Minus: The view is less perfect as Goa Gong + Klayar Beach

3. Third: Klayar Beach + Srau Beach + Beach Watu Karung Beach

– Plus: The beauty of these beaches are INCREDIBLE!

– Minus: Lack of varied, only beach tourism alone

Estimated Time:

Solo – Goa Gong = 3.5 hours

Gong Cave- Klayar Beach= 1 hour

Gong Cave – Tabuhan Cave= 15 minutes

Gong Cave- Klayar Beach/ Srau Beach/ Watu Karung Beach= 1 hour

For the first option only takes one day. If you want to visit all destinations in Pacitan mentioned above, it takes about 2 days.

Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach
Gong Cave Pacitan
Gong Cave

Alternative Eight: Shopping

Solo is a town that grew because of the trading. Moreover, the Solo is renowned as the shopping center of batik.


A. Klewer Batik Market, Pusat Grosir Solo, Laweyan Batik Center, Kauman Batik Center, Solo Paragon Mall, Solo Square, Pasar Gede Market, and so on.

Estimated time:

1-2 days

Solo Paragon Mall
Solo Paragon Mall with the giant Wayang puppets

Culinary Tour

Some culinary places are only open in the evening. While some others open during the day. Please select according to your tastes.

Day Culinary: Tengkleng Klewer, Timlo Sastro, Soto Gading, Soto Triwindu, Bebek Pak Slamet (first branch), sate buntel, etc.

Night Culinary: Gudeg Ceker Margoyudan, Keprabon Liwet Rice, Shi Jack fresh milk, “Hik” foodstall on the roadside, Gladak Langen Bogan culinary center, and so forth.


Every Sunday morning, the city has something called Car Free Day or free hours of motor vehicles in Jalan Slamet Riyadi, the main street of the city of Solo. Many activities undertaken by the Solo City residents and communities that are gathered to show their existence along this road.

The Right Time to Visit Solo City

Actually, everytime you come to Solo City is right times. Unlike visiting the islands that should pay attention to the high sea waves, travel in the city of Solo is relatively more secure throughout the year. Only, when it comes in the rainy season, get ready bringing an umbrella.

Although you can come at any time to the city of Solo, it’s going to be an unforgettable moment if you come at a time held a sort of wonderful carnival performances, musical performances, culinary festivals, fashion shows, and other cultural events. You can view the calendar events in the Solo City through this link to match your trip schedule .

Solo City Carnival
Solo Batik Carnival

So, Sugeng Rawuh wonten kutha Solo (Javanese), Selamat Datang di Kota Solo (Bahasa Indonesia), Welcome to Solo City (English)

Where is Solo City or Surakarta City? How to Get There?

Solo City is located at Central Java Province, Indonesia. It is an hour trip from Jogja. Here is the map of Solo City:

Solo Surakarta Map
Solo City Map (click to enlarge)

There are several direct international flights from Jakarta (Lion Air, Garuda Air, Sriwijaya Air, Batavia Air), Singapore (Silk Air), and Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia) to Solo City.

From Jakarta, there are many alternatives of transportation to reach Solo City, either by bus, by train, or by plane.

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