Ngarsopuro, Solo City

Ngarsopuro Solo
Ngarsopuro is a unique pedestrian area that connects Slamet Riyadi Street as Solo City’s main road to Mangkunegaran Palace (Kraton Mangkunegaran). When tourists want to go to Mangkunegaran Palace from Slamet Riyadi Street (Jalan Slamet Riyadi), they must be walking through this beautiful pedestrian first. The atmosphere of the Java in the past accompanied with antique and unique architecture nicely adopted along this pedestrian. Ngarsopuro is one of the best photo spots in Solo, Indonesia for those who love photography and architecture.

Unique Statues Playing Gamelan

Gamelan is a set of Javanese traditional music instruments. On the edge of the pedestrian, there are several statues with the position of each statue holds a different gamelan instruments. It’s very unique and classic.

Kota Solo
Statues along Ngarsopuro pedestrian street

Loro Blonyo

Loro Blonyo is a pair of statues of men and women who normally wear a Javenese wedding dress. In Ngarsopuro, lies a pair of jumbo-sized Loro Blonyo statue in front of the Windujenar / Triwindu Antique Market, as if to welcome guests to come to the Windujenar / Triwindu Antique Market. While the miniature of this Loro Blonyo statues can be purchased at the market itself.

patung loroblonyo
Loro Blonyo Statue

Windujenar or Triwindu Antique Market

Windujenar or Triwindu antique market is becoming a haven for collectors of antiques stuff. This market sells a variety of antiques and old-fashioned stuff such as ancient fossils, old radio, charcoal irons, old coins, sculptures, pottery, and other antique objects.

Windujenar or Triwindu Antique Market is decorated with masks, giants “kentongan” or traditional bell, and other Javanese ornaments. The building architecture also adopted classic Javanese structure.

Pasar barang antik Windujenar
Pasar barang antik Windujenar/Triwindu

Distinctive Bird Cage Lamp

This is what makes Ngarsopuro distinctive, the exotic bird-cages-shaped lamp that are standing along the street. As far as i know, there is no cities that has this kind of “crazy” lamp.

Lampu antik
Lampu antik berbentuk kandang burung

At the end of the pedestrian Ngarsopuro there is hotel and restaurant with the feel of Java, Omah Sinten. In addition, at the end of this Ngarsopuro there lies Mangkunegaran Palace, one of the two famous palaces that are located in the city of Solo (another one is Kasunanan Palace).

So many attractions often held in Ngarsopuro, especially at night, such as jazz festivals, music & art performances, and others. Ngarsopuro Night Market that sells Solo City’s merchandises also held in the certain night such as Saturday night.


Ngarsopuro is located at Solo City (or Surakarta City), Central Java, Indonesia. The city can be reached by airplane from Jakarta (Lion Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air, Garuda Indonesia Airways), Singapore (Silk Air), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Air Asia).

Alternatively, you can ride a train from Jakarta (Argo Lawu, Argo Dwipangga, Business Class Train), Surabaya (Sancaka, Turangga, Bima, Argo Wilis), Malang (Gajayana), Bandung (Turangga, Argo Wilis) and from Jogja (Prambanan Express /Prameks). There are also many bus operator that can serve travel ticket from other cities (such as Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, etc.) to Solo City.

 Solo Surakarta Map
Solo City Map

How to Get There:

 To go to Ngarsopuro using public transport, visitors can get off at Purwosari Railstation or Adi Soemarmo Airport first. The trip then continued by using the Batik Solo Trans (BST), then step down at the Pasar Pon bus shelter which is only steps away from this Ngarsopuro. Another alternative is Damri bus or city bus line A step down right in front Ngarsopuro.

Sugeng rawuh ing kutho Solo (Javanese), Selamat Datang di Kota Solo (Bahasa Indonesia),  Welcome to the city of Solo (English)

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