Credit Card in Indonesia

Using credit card to buy stuffs and daily needs while traveling is important because it is more convenient than bringing cash. For travelers who want to go abroad, it’s better to know which kind of credit card association accepted in merchants in particular country because not all credit card are accepted in some countries. Credit card issued by credit card associations that are commonly used in Indonesian merchants are:

1. Visa

This type of credit card is the most accepted by merchants in Indonesia. The merchants that usually accept the credit cards are stores at mall, trade centers, restaurants, supermarket, minimarket, and some standalone stores.

2. MasterCard

The second type of credit card that is usually accepted by merchant in Indonesia is MasterCard.

Several banks in Indonesia are also associated with Maestro and Cirrus. When travelers need cash, they can withdraw it through ATM. But, Maestro, Cirrus, and other credit card association other than Visa and MasterCard are rarely accepted in Indonesian merchant, or if i may say no merchant accepted credit card other than Visa and Master Card. Many credit cards that are very popular in USA and other countries such as American Express, Doscover, JCB, and other credit card association are not too popular in Indonesia.