Karimunjawa Islands, Central Java, Indonesia

Karimunjawa Underwater

Indonesia has 13,466 islands spread from Sumatera to Papua. Around 27 of those islands located in Karimunjawa Islands.  It is easy to get there, but it’s not easy to manage your time in these beautiful islands. It required several days to sail around the islands. It seems hyperbolic,  but it’s true…

Firstly, it needs half day from 7 a.m. in the morning to 5 p.m in the evening to sail only 3 to 4 islands. To sail the whole of 27 islands in Karimunjawa, at least it needs 7-9 days around.

The other reason is that the ferry from Semarang or Jepara which carry the tourists to visit Karimunjawa Island, the biggest island of these islands also named Karimunjawa indeed, only scheduled several days in a week. So, ensure your itinerary to meet the ferry’s schedules.

The Islands:

These are The 27 Karimunjawa Islands:

1. Karimunjawa Island (the main and the biggest island)

2. Kemujan Island

3. Nyamuk Island

4. Parang Island

5. Genting Island

6. Menjangan Besar Island

7. Menjangan Kecil Island

8. Cemara Besar Island

9. Cemara Kecil Island

10. Geleyang Island

11. Burung Island

12. Bengkoang Island

13. Kembar Island

14. Katang Island

15. Krakal Besar Island

16. Krakal Kecil Island

17. Sintok Island

18. Mrican Island

19. Tengah Island

20. Pinggir Island

21. Cilik Island

22. Gundul Island

23. Seruni Island

24. Tambangan Island

25. Cendekian Island

26. Kumbang Island

27. Mencawakan Island (or Menyawakan Island).

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