Tanjung Bira Beach, Indonesia

perfect beach
Tanjung Bira beach

 What’s your description about a perfect beach? For me, it has to be a truly white sandy beach, blue crystal water reflection, beautiful landscape, blue color gradation of the sea color, amazing submarine creatures living underwater, and a moderate waving tide. And yes, Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira) then be one of my perfect and favorite beach.


– Tanjung Bira Beach is divided into 2 areas, west side beach has good infrastructures and east side beach has a harbor to cross Selayar Island.

– One thing i love about this beach is touching the distinct white sands which feels like touching wheat flour. It’s very smooth..

– Best time to visit is in the morning time when the tide is high. It looks more amazing than just seeing the beach without a waving tide.

– The best snorkeling spot  is in Liukang Loe Island. This island is located very closed to the west side of Tanjung Bira Beach. You can rent a boat priced Rp200.000/boat to get there.

  – The best diving spot is Kambing Island (Kambing is a Goat in Indonesian Language). If you are lucky, you can see shark around Kambing Island. Same like how to get Liukang Loe Island, you can rent a boat from west side of Tanjung Bira Beach for Rp250.000/boat. See the stunning Kambing Island pictures here

– Next to the west side of Tanjung Bira Beach, there is another beautiful beach called Bara Beach. This tranquil beach can be reached by walk from the west side of Tanjung Bira Beach.

– If you want to see the making of the legendary Phinisi Boat, you can go to Tana Beru, Bulukumba. Of course you cannot go there by walk because it is located kilometers from Tanjung Bira.


Tanjung Bira is located at Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It’s about 5-6 hours from Makassar downtown.

How to Get There

Routes:   Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (A) (or alternatively from Makassar downtown) – Malengkeri Bus Terminal (C) – Bulukumba (D) – Tanjung Bira (E)

How to get Makassar
Indonesia map with how to get Makassar

 1. From Jakarta/Surabaya/Jogja/Bali/Balikpapan

Almost all domestic flights are available from Jakarta (CGK) and other big cities to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar/Ujung Pandang (UPG). Don’t forget, the main street is located little bit far from the airport. So, if you want to go to downtown by public transport, then you have to reach the main street first. There is free shuttle buses from the airport to main street, but if you don’t want to wait any longer, you can call motorcycle rent called “ojek” (Rp10.000).  Then look at number 3&4 below.

2. From Kuala Lumpur/Singapore

There are several international flight to Makassar.  Airasia has opened flight from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar/Ujung Pandang (UPG). International flight from Singapore to Makassar is operated by Garuda Indonesia. Then look at number 3&4 below.

3. Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar/Ujung Pandang (UPG) – Bus Terminal Malengkeri

– The fastest way is going by taxi (cost Rp100.000-Rp.200.000)

– The cheapest way is going by public transportation called “Pete-pete”. First, from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport  to Bus Terminal Daya using pete-pete (about 1 hour, Rp 5.000), Second, From Terminal Daya (B) to Bus Terminal Malengkeri ( about an half hour, Rp 5.000)

4. Terminal Malengkeri – Bulukumba – Tanjung Bira

– Option I, use public transort car with yellow license plate (brand of Isuzu Panther or Suzuki APV) from Bus Terminal Malengkeri straight to Tanjung Bira Beach (Rp50.000-Rp60.000), or
– Option II, use the same public transport car like option I from Bus Terminal Malengkeri to Bulukumba (Rp35.000), then change to “pete-pete” from Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira Beach (Rp8.000-10.000), or
– Option III by bus from Terminal Malengkeri to Selayar, don’t foget to go down at Tanjung Bira Harbor ( cost Rp50.000). From the harbor, you can go walk around 30 minutes to  Tanjung Bira Beach or  use “pete-pete” instead (Rp1.000).

how to get Tanjung Bira Beach
notes: A = Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, B = Daya Bus Terminal, C= Malengkeri Bus Terminal, D = Bulukumba, E= Tanjung Bira


Where you want to stay depends on your travel itinerary. If you want to stay here longer, you can book hotel along Tanjung Bira Beach or in Bulukumba. But if there only a day trip, you can stay at Makassar. There are so many hostels/hostels along Tanjung Bira Beach (priced range Rp75.000-500.000). Here are some of them:

– Bira Beach Hotel: (+62413) 2702034, (+62413) 2589057

– Wisma Bahari Indah: +6285242549899

– Penginapan Harapan Maju: +6285255994640

– Nusantara Cottage: +6285255011345

– Anda Bungalow’s:  (+62413) 82125

– Penginapan Reskiku: +6281934407848

– Penginapan Tanjung Bira: +6285824635570, +6281934407848

– Penginapan Pasir Putih Bira: +628114201028

– Kalubimbi Cottage: +6285656456853


– Tanjung Bira Beach (West side)

Amazing beach pictures
West Tanjung Bira Beach

– Tanjung Bira Beach (east side)

Beautiful beach images
Tanjung Bira beach (east side)

– Bara Beach

Tanjung Bira Beach
Bara Beach near Tanjung Bira

– Liukang Loe Island Underwater

submarine life in liukang loe underwater tanjung bira
Liukang Loe Island Underwater

– Phinisi Boat

Phinisi yacht
Phinisi, Sulawesi traditional boat

 All Tanjung Bira Pictures Gallery


  1. Hello, Thank you for sharing your blog and pictures. Really beautiful. I have few questions if thats ok. I am visiting Bira in 2 weeks and I would like to ask you where is Bara beach based? from east or west side of Bira? and where can we see local boat building and the ships?
    If you dont mind you can email me:)
    Thank you in advance

    • @Eva
      hi, sorry for late reply
      Bara Beach is closed to west Bira. You can walk down the beach from west Bira Beach to Bara Beach.
      Boat for snorkeling is located at West Bira, but the ship for cruise is located at East Bira
      The local ship/building is located a bit far from Bira Beach. I think you should go by car/motorcycle to get there 🙂

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