Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne Sand Dunes
Mui Ne Sand Dunes

What dou think about tropics? A very large forest covered country with various vegetations? Islands with coconut trees and white sand beaches? or bananas and other fruits? But have you ever heard that there is a place in a tropical country covered with a desert?


– The place we are talking about is Mui Ne, a little town closed to the city of Phan Thiết.

–  Must visit interesting distinctive places are:

   a. Red Sand Dunes: a wide desert look like area with steep red color sand dunes and barren surface. There are so many children who offer plastic slides and guides you to slide on the slope of the sand dunes

Vietnam desert
Red Sand Dunes

   b. White Sand Dunes: Same like Red Sand Dunes, but it has white color sand. The “desert” is featured with “oasis” as well. Yess, i mean there is a pond nearby. Unlike the red one (no, i’m not talking RedOne, Lady Gaga’s producer), this location is very quiet. No more whining plastic slide kids.

desert in vietnam
White Sand Dunes

    c. Fishing Village: This is a traditional fisherman village. There are so many traditional bowl-like watercrafts scattered at the sea. When you look closer to that watercraft, you can see a bowl with the human inside and a giant spoon… Yess, it’s a human soup… LoL

Vietnam Fisherman
Fishing Village

    d. Fairy Stream: I still never know whether fairies really exist in this this stream. Maybe i’m such a “muggle” who cannot see spirits? i don’t care. This place is a beautiful little shallow river crossing the hills, boulders, sand dunes, and bamboo forest. Imagine that it’s like a Grand Canyon miniature.

Vietnam Pictures
Fairy Stream, Mui Ne

– To get around those places above, you better rent a jeep car cost 400.000-600.000 Dong (Dong is vietnam’s local currency, 1 USD =  20.565 Dong). Just ask the hostel you staying at if you want to take this one day or half day tour.

– Not many people can speak English, be ready for getting lost in translation 😀

– Until now, i still never know why there are many sand dunes/desert in tropics , where there has high rainfall as well, like Mui Ne. When i ask the local citizen, they also do not understand why.


Mui Ne is located at Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.  It’s 5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City (Formerly Saigon City).

Vietnam Maps Mui Ne
A: Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon), B: Mui Ne, C: Hanoi

How To Get There

– From/to De Tham Street, Ho Chi Minh City – Mui Ne, there are buses cost 90.000Dong. As far as i know, these buses depart from Ho Chi Minh at 7.30 AM, and depart from Mui Ne at 13.00 PM. You can book from your hotel/hostel or the nearest travel agent.

– If you are too late to catch the bus, There are many rent cars From Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City. Times ago, we arrived to Ho Chi Minh at 8.00 PM, and we had a plan to go straight to Mui Ne. It’s impossible for us to catch the bus. So, we rent a car from the airport for US110 one way to carry us to our hotel/hostel.


Many hostel/hotel were built in Mui Ne. I have lack of information about those hostel/hotel, so i couldn’t mention them all. When i was there, i stayed at Hoa Bien Hostel cost 350.000 Dong/room/night; air conditionered, free wifi, Hot/Cold shower, 2 bed, a TV in the room, beachside, but no breakfast.


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