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Bahasa Indonesia is Indonesian official language that you can learn it in many universities and courses in all over the world. But ¬†when it comes to Indonesian society, movies, TV shows, and so on, you’ll find so many confusing slang used in the conversation. You’ll be like “What is the meaning of this words? I couldn’t find it on dictionary”. This slang grows uncontrollable and never listed in the dictionary. And of course, you will never find it on Indonesian dictionary.. ever…

Here i list Indonesian slang for you (and i will update it whenever i got a new slang), pronounce it as you say in Bahasa Indonesia. I hope this will become something like Indonesian slang dictionary:

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ABG, A Be Ge, Anak Baru Gede = Teenager

Ababil, ABG labil = labile teenager, immature

Abang = calling older male

Afgan = Sadistic, when someone hurt you, extremely low bidding

Agan, gan = bro

Akik = Gemstone

Akik = Akika = i, me, mine

Alay = overdressed, asshole, jerk, teenage douchebag (female/male)

Aq, ak, akyu akoh, akooh = i, me, mine

Ajib = Cool, awesome

Amburadul = disorganized

Amit-amit (sometimes followed by “jabang bayi”) ¬†= God forbid, Oh my God

Amoy = Chinese/oriental girl

Amsyong = Damn it!

Ane = i, me, mine

Anjrot! = Anjir! = Anying! = Anjing! = damn!

Apose = Apa sih = what the hell

Asem = damn, tamarind

Asongan = Peddler

Asu = Dog, shit, fuck


Babe, Beh = Dad, Daddy, Father

Banci, Bencong, Bences = Gay, Transgender,  Homosexual, chicken, not brave

Bang = Calling older male

Bahasa gaul = slang

Banget, Bingit = very

Bangsat = Bad guy

Bangsat! = Godammit! WTF!

Baper = Sentimental, melancholic

Beb, Beib = Babe

Begichu = Begicyu = Gicyu = Just like that, that’s all i said

Begindang = Just like that, that’s all i said

Bego = Stupid

Begono = Begini = like that

Bencong = Gay, Transgender,  chicken, not brave

Bengek = cough

Bengong = Shocked, pensive

Beol, Be’ol = ¬† poop, defecate

Berbunga-bunga = happy, enthusiastic

Bete, BT = bored, bad temper

Beud, Beut, Banget = Very

Bhay = bye

Bikin/Membikin = Make

Binan = Homosexual, gay

Bingit = Banget = very

Bispak, Bisa dipakai = Easy to have sex,  slut

Bisyar = Bisa dibayar = prostitute

Biyasak = biasa = usual

Bohay = Sexy, curvy, a bit fat body

Boil = Car

Bokap = Daddy, Father

Bokep = adult movie

Boker = poop, defecate

Bokis = lie

Bonek = Bondo Nekat = doing something bravely without any money

Bonek = Surabaya football supporter

Bonyok = hurt

Bonyok (from “Bokap Nyokap”) = Father and Mother

Bo’ol = anal sex

Brondong, Berondong = young guy, teenage boy

Brp (from berapa) = how many, how much

BS-BS (ffrom “Bayar Sendiri”) = Go dutch

Buanyak = a lot

Bujuk dah! = Holly shit!

Bulet, Bulat = Round

Buluk = Bulukan = Ugly, worn out


Cabe-cabean = Teenage girl

Cabut = Go

Capcus = Go, depart, move on

Cakep = Good-looking

Cekidot = Check it out!

Cemban = ceban = Ten thuosand

Cembokur = Jelous

Cemen = chicken, not brave

Cemungudh: Keep on going

Cengli = fair

Cepek = a hundred

Cewek = Girl

Cincay = Cincai = easy to deal with

Cingcong = words

Cintrong = love

Cie = Ciye = (an expression usually said before sarcastic words/mocking)

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Cipok = Cipokan = Kiss, french kiss, kiss on the neck

Ciyus (usualy followed by “Miapah”) = Serious, Reallly

Cobain = Try

Coli = Jerk off, onani

Copas = Copy and paste

Cowok = Boy

Cuek = careless

Cuekin = Don’t mind, don’t think about it

Culun = Silly

Cupu, Culun punya = not trendy, looser

Curcol = Sharing sad story about yourself (implicitly)

Curhat = Sharing sad story about yourself (explicitly)

Cuss = let’s go, depart

Cyin (from cinta) =  love, dear

Cuy = dude


Dancuk, Jancuk (impolite word) = fuck

Deh =  please

Demen = Like, crush on someone, addicted, fond

Desye, dese = You, Yours

Dikit = Sedikit = a little, not much, not many

Dimandose = where

Dimari/Di mari = here

Dl (from dulu) = before

DL (derita lo) = it’s your own risk

Doang, Doank = Only

Dodol (Originally from a Garut’s traditional snack) = Stupid

Doi, Do’i, Doski = He/him, She/her

Doku = Wallet, purse

Dong = please

Drakor = Korean Drama TV Series

Dugem, Dunia Gemerlap = Nightlife, Clubbing

Duit = money


EGP, Emang Gue Pikirin = I Don’t Care

Ember (original meaning of ember is bucket) = Emang (from memang) = definitely, fussy, that’s right

Emoh = No, i don’t want it

Endes = Endeus = yummy

Entot (impolite word) = Fuck

Ente = You, yours

Elo =  You, Yours

Esek-esek = Prostitute

Eyke, eke =   I, Me, Mine


Fulus = Money

Futu = Photo, take a photo


Gaes = Guys

Gaban (segede gaban) = really huge

Gadun = Old guy

Gaje = not consistent, not clear

Gajebo = not consistent, not clear

Gak = Ga = No, Don’t

Galau = Restless, sad, having personal problem

Gambreng (Such as Segede Gambreng) = Really huge

Gamon = Gagal Move On = Failed to move on

Gampar = Slap

Gan, Agan = bro

Gaplok = slap

Garing (for joke) = Lame, corny

Gaul = hang out, trendy, social butterfly

Gawe = work

Gawean = job

Gebet = gebetan = Ngegebet = To pick up, crush on someone

Geblek, Goblok = Stupid

Gede = Big

Gedong = very big

Ge-er, GR =  Big-headed, too much confident, egotistical

Gegara = Gara-gara = Because

Geje = not consistent, not clear

Gelo = Crazy

Gemes, Gemesin, Ngegemesin = cute (in positive way), makes someone angry (in negative way)

Gengges = cute (in positive way), makes someone angry (in negative way)

Geulis, Neng Geulis (originally from Sundanese) = Pretty girl

Gimana = How

Gitu, Begitu = Like that

Gmn (from Gimana) = How

Goblok = Stupid

Gocap = five thousand

Gokil = Crazy, cool, awesome

Gombal = Baloney, worn out cloth

Gopek = Five hundred

Gorjes = Gorgeous

Grepe, Grepe-grepe, Grepek = touch someone’s body (sexually)

Gretong = Gretongan = Gratis = free of charge

Gua, Gue  = I, Me, Mine

Gw (usually used in text form like sms, forum, etc.) =  I, Me, Mine


Halah = Yeah

Hiks = Sigh

Hombreng = Homosexual, gay


IGO = Indonesian Girl Only (Usually explicit Indonesian girls sexy pictures/videos)

Ilfil = bad mood, angry, mad

Imut = Cute


Jablay = Whore, Bitch

Jaim, Ja’im, Jaga Image = Superficial

Jajan = buy food, buy smal stuff, hire/find a prostitute

Jamred = pending message

Jancuk = Fuck, Penis

Japri = private message

Jayus = lame joke, Corny

Jd (from jadi) = be, become

Jebakan Betmen/Batman  = website prank

Jembut = Pubic hair

Jeng, or Jeung = Sis, girl

Jengkel = annoyed, angry

Jgn (from jangan) = Don’t

Jijay = Disgusting

Jomblo ¬†= Jomlo = Single person, being single, a guy/girl who don’t have a partner lover

Jones = Jomblo Ngenes = bad luck jomblo

Jutek = Sassy


Kacrut = Suck, problematic

Kagak = No, Not, Don’t

Kaki Lima = Street vendor

Kampes (Usualy used in Malang City or East Java) = Underwear

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Kampret = Damn

Kamseupay = tacky, plebeian

Kancut = Underwear

Kate = Say, Said

Katro = Katrok = Tacky, overacting

Kayak = Like, as, such

Kece = Cool, Awesome

Kece badai = very cool, very awesome

Kek = Kayak = Kyk = like, such

Kekasih gelap = Secret lover

Kekinian = Up to date, now trending

Keleus, keles (or Yakeleus/yakeles) = really, please, of course, no wonder

Kelon = Cuddling

Kelupaan = Forget

Keplak = punch someone’s head

Kepo = wondering, want to know other business/problem/personal things

Kepret = Slap

Keren = Cool

Ketek = Armpit

Kena batunya = You had it coming (karma)

Kenthu (usually used in Javanese)= Fuck, sex, make love

Kenti = Dick, Penis

Kentut = fart

Kepengen = want

Kere = Poor

Keren = Cool, Awesome

Kesel = Annoyed, angry, mad

Kewong = kawin = married

Kimpoi = Wedding

Knp = Kenapa = Why, that’s why

Kok = (additional word to emphasize clarification)

Komuk = Face

Kongkow = hang out

Kontol = Penis

Koplak = Stupid

Krik = joke but noone laughed

Kudet = not updated with current situation

Kumpul Kebo =  Domestic Partnership, sammen leven

Kuper (from “kurang pergaulan”) = Unsocialized, introverted, don’t know anything

KZL (see Kesel) = Annoyed, angry, mad


Laf = Love

Laper = Hungry

Lapsyong = Hungry

Lebay = overacting, too much

Lekong = Man, Men

Leyeh-leyeh, Leyehan = Lay down

Lho = (additional word to emphasize a thing when you give some information)

Lu, Lo, Elo = You, Yours

Loe  (usually used in text form like sms, forum, etc.) =  You, Yours

Lonte = Whore, prostitute

Lupita = Forgot


Macacih? = Really? Are you sure?

Macapah = Maciapah = With whom?

Makacih = Makasih = Terima kasih = Thank you

Mager = lazy

Malam Jumat (different from Jumat Malam/Friday Night) =¬† Thursday night¬†(if “malam” said in front of the day, it means the night before the day)

Malam Minggu = Malem Minggu = Malming = Saturday night

Malming = Malam Minggu = Malem Minggu = Saturday night

Markipul = Let’s go home

Masak sih? = Really? Are you sure?

Matre = Materialistic

Mbalelo = disobedient, stubborn

Mejeng = See and be seen, pose

Meki = Vagina

Meler = Runny nose

Memek = vagina

Meneketehe = I don’t know

Miapah (Usually preceded by “Ciyus”) = For what reason

Mimin = Administrator

Min = Administrator

Mingkem = closed lips

Mbulet = complicated

Mo = want

Moge = Motor gede =  Big motorcycle, such as Sport motorcycle, Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle, etc.

Montok = Sexy, curvy, a bit fat body

Muke = Muka = Face

Mulet = stretch (the body)

Muncrat = squirt

Muter = Turn around, spin, play a song


Nah = (to conclude precious sentence)

Najong = Najis = Dirty, shameful

Naksir = Crush on someone

Narsis = Self narcissistic, self-loving, self-admiring

Narso = Self narcissistic, self-loving, self-admiring

Ndak (originally from Javanese) = No, Not

Ndas (from Javanese) = Head

Nenen = breastfeeding

Netek = breastfeeding

Ngabur = Fleeing

Ngacir = Fleeing

Ngakak = Laugh out loud

Ngambek = cranky, mad, angry

Ngana (from Ngapak/Banyumas word) = you

Ngapak = A language usually spoken in Banyumas, Central Java

Ngasih = Give

Ngeblog = write a blog

Ngebut = Fast

Ngedumel = Whine, nag

Ngehe, Ngehek (Swear word) = Say “ngehek” when you are angry/annoyed with someone/something

Ngeledek = Bully, tease

Ngelonin, Ngeloni = To cuddle

Ngemeng, Ngomong = Say, speaking

Ngenes = tragic, bad luck

Ngentot (impolite word) = Fuck, sex, make love

Ngentut = fart

Ngewe = Ngewek = Fuck, Making Love

Nggak, Ngga =¬† No, Not, Don’t

Nggilani = Disgusting

Ngibul = lie, lying

Ngiler = drool

Ngilir, Nglilir, Ngelilir = Wake from sleep

Ngobrol = Chat

Ngocol = Joking

Ngojek = Ride motorcycle taxi

Ngomel = nag

Ngos-ngosan = Out of breath

Ngupil = nose-picking

Nih, Nich = (addition word to emphasize of worrying on something), There you go

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Nimbrung = Join

Nongkrong = Hang out, sit

Norak = Tacky, overacting

Nyepong = Oral sex

Nyinyir = Skeptical, negative comment, negative thinking

Nyipok = Kiss, french kiss, kiss on the neck

Nyokap = Mother


Obrol = Obrolan = chat

Ogah = No, i don’t want it

Ojek = Motorcyle taxi

Onyet = Monkey

Otewe = otw = on the way


Pake = Use, Wear

Pala = Pale = Head

Panlok = Panda Lokal = Indonesian chinese/oriental girl (mostly in prostitution)

PD, Pe De, Percaya Diri = Confident

PDKT, Pendekatan = Flirting on someone, hitting on someone

Pecun = silly whore

Peler = testicle

Pembokat = househelper, servant

Pengen = Pengin = want

Pentil = nipple

Perak (if following nominal of money) = Rupiah (Indonesian currency)

Pertamax = first comment in an online forum

Pere (from”perempuan”) = lady

Perek (from “Perempuan eksperimen”) = Whore, Bitch

Pesing = Smells not good

Peyang = Imperfect/Asymetric head shape

PHP, Pe Ha Pe (Pemberian Harapan Palsu) = Breaking a promise

Pilon (belagak pilon) =  pretend, hiding something

Plin-plan = Wishy-washy

Plis = Please

Poto = Photo

Prikitiew = (to express excitement)

Pundung (Usually in Sundanese)= Angry, cranky

Puter = turn around, spin, play a song


Q (in short of “ku” or “aku” usually used in text form like sms, forum, etc.) = I, Me, Mine


Rapopo (aku rapopo) = Okay (i’m okay)

Rasain = Serve you right

Rempong = complicated, troublesome, busy, too many accessories


Sakaw = addicted

Sampe = = sampai = until

Sange, Sakaw Ngentot (impolite words) = Horny

Sante (from “santai”) = Relax

Sarap = Crazy

Say (from “Sayang”) = Dear

Segede gaban = really huge

Selangit = top of the world

Semok = Sexy, curvy, a bit fat body

Sempak = Underwear

Sepele = Unimportant

Sepong = Oral sex

Serak-serak basah = Throaty, husky voice

Seupil = very small

Sialan = damn

Sih, sich = (additional word to emphasize a question)

Sinting = Crazy

Situ = There, You, Yours

Sithik, sitik (from Javanese word) = a little, not much

Sob = Bro

Sok (Sundanese)= Please

Sok = Too confident

Somplak = Broken, Stupid

Somse = Somong sekali = arrogant

Songong = Arrogant

Sontoloyo = stupid, idiot

Sotosop = Photoshoped, A picture edited with Photoshop

Sotoy, Sok Tau =  Smart Aleck, Mr.Know-it-All

Sumpeh Loe, Sumpeh lo, Sumpelo = Really?

Sutralah = Up to you, whatever


Tabok = Slap

Tae =  Taek = Tai = Taik = shit

Takis = To take something

Tampol = slap

Tajeer = rich

Tajir = rich

Tau, Tahu = Know

Telmi, Telat Mikir = someone who is a little bit slow on the uptake

Temen = friend

Tempik = Vagina

Tetek = Boobs, breast

Titi DJ (originally from singer named Titi DJ/Titi Dwi Jayanti) = Be Careful

Titit = Penis

Tmn (from Teman) = friend

Toge = Toket gede = Big boobs

Tokai = Dirt, faeces

Toket =   Boobs, breast

Tongpes (from “Kantong Kempes”)= broke

Toyor = push someone’s head

Tp (from tapi) = But

TTM, Teman Tapi Mesra, = Casual Sex Partner

Ttp (from tetap or tetep) = Still

Tumben = contrary to habit


Ucul = Funny

Udah = Already

Ughlala = Oh la la

Unyu = Cute

Upil = nasal mucus

Utk (usually used in sms/chat/other text form) = untuk = for, to

 Uwel-uwel = make fun with hair, caress

Uyel-uyel =  make fun with hair, caress


Vroh = bro= brother


WA = Watsap = waslap = WhatsApp mobile chat apps

Wakaka = wkwkwk = lol

Waslap = Napkin

Woles = Slow


xixixixi = lol


Yaelah =  Ya ampun = for God sake

Yakeleus/yakeles (or keleus/keles) = really, please, of course, no wonder

Yawla = OMG!

Yey = You, Yours

Yg (abbreviation of Yang) = is, that is

Yoa = Yoi = Yup


1. Verb+in = verb + kan


Beliin = belikan = buy

Perhatiin = Perhatikan = take a look, give attention, watch